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About - Johnny J. Andersen

My love for the internet have been there since 1995, when I first started building dynamic sites, and running larger sites from my own servers.

In short: Internet wizard, with a interest in world domination, huge scalable databases, cloud computing, stocks and thirst for awesome new technologies.


CTO, Tech Lead, Product Owner and previous Developer, with a interest in world domination, huge amounts of data, cloud computing, scalability, stocks, autonomous cars, AI and thirst for awesome new technology.

Tesla Fanboy, Gamer, Father

CTO, Investor, Project Manager, Team Lead, Head of Development, Product Owner, Technical Officer, Consultant.


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Investor / Soundtracktor Linkedin


Next-Generation Music Marketplace, allowing creators to sell directly to a huge audience ranging from film and tv producers, youtube artists, advitising agencies, while also having a good looking showcase online store for their entire cataloge. Spiced up with machine learning for finding the right content based on the video.



CTO / Android / iOS


Working with a team of up to 15 developers, divided into smaller teams responsible for Android, iOS, Data Science and API development (Ruby on Rails), I have helped democratise football for more than 2 million young football players, in more than 10 european countries and the US.


Rails, Ruby, Postgres, REST API, GraphQL, Android (Kotlin, Java), iOS (Swift), Data Science, Heroku, AWS, Scalability, Extendability


CTO / Product Owner, DE, SE, FR, UK,


With a team of up to 20 developers, I have been building the biggest car repair and maintence marketplace in Europe. The marketplace is based on a Request for Quote (RFQ) process, with roughly 200.000 car owners visiting pr. month. The marketplace is available in 5 different countries with more than 5.000 actively bidding workshops.

My role started out as Product Owner / CTO, but after onboarding a full time Product Owner I was able to focus 100% on my development team.


Rails, Ruby, Postgres, REST API, GraphQL, React.JS, Heroku, AWS, Scalability, Extendability

Copenhagen Shipping Exchange


Copenhagen Shipping Exchange, CPHSE Skybox, Shipping Directory, Wikipedia, LinkedIn Company Profile


Even before I was hired as the first employee, I helped the two founders (Stefan Avivson, Jonas Bruhn) with the pitch to our first investor (Janusz M. Sowadski).

The pitch was successful and I started building a team when the investment came in. After this, a number of investors joined, along with prominent members on our board (Morten Lund).

We built an intelligent e-mail parsing system for the shipping industry. The system could identify vessel and cargo position information, structure it and make it available via a intuitive interface.

Among the features were: Spam-detection, extrapolation of missing information, ability to handle typos, merging of duplicate information (even when info was missing), and it did all of this while also being able to handle almost any type of information structure in the emails.

Besides website, parsers, huge globally available databases etc., we also built a Microsoft Outlook Server plugin, which could label and extract information from incoming emails in near-realtime, on the customers own mailserver.


Java, PHP, MySQL, VMware, GIT, C#, Cloud, Open source, Map/Reduce, Scalability, CouchDB


CTO, Head of IT, Head of Development, Developer and DBA, FR, SE, DE, NO, UK, Partner - Alice - FR


One of Europe's largest investment websites based on visitors and contributers. Besides stock information, EuroInvestor was also the biggest currency conversion site in a few countries, and one of the top real estate information sites in Denmark.

I started as their first developer, and ended my career as CTO, when the company was listed on the Stock Exchange. Besides growing the platform from a small Danish website to complete platform in a range of countries, I also built a number of larger system for internal use, including billing / finance system.


Webhub, asp,,, MSSQL

EuroInvestor - Corporate - Investor Relations

CTO, Head of IT, Head of Development, Developer and DBA A/S


Investor Relation website and Corporate information for the EuroInvestor company which at that time was listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.

Global Investor Challenge

CTO, Project Manager, Developer


Stock Investment Game, based on a EuroInvestor international platform, integrated with Facebook and Galbot.

Technology, MSSQL



Advisor / Consulting around optimising their MSSQL Database, help with SEO, guidiance regarding optimising website for faster responsetimes during heavy load, using proper caching and upgrading to MS IIS 7.

Lauritz was in urgent need of this, due to a TV collaboration with the TV2 (Danish Television), which would put additional peak traffic on their infrastructure.


MS ISS 7, SQL Server 2010, .NET

Dansk Kabel TV



Consultant working for Rich & Dow.


Umbraco, .NET


Developer, Partner


Website provided an overview of possible investments into and sale of Oversigt over mulige investering i / salg af shares in project-sales. The idea was to also become a marketplace for these.



EuroInvestor - Valutakurser,


Project management and some developement, on a currency conversion platform, built on top of the international Euroinvestor portal platform.

Technology, MSSQL

EuroInvestor - Lifestyle

Chief Developer, Project Manager


Lifestyle site, based on EI's international portal platform

Technology, MSSQL

EuroInvestor - Misc

Chief Developer, Project Manager,,,,


Chief Developer m.fl.


Systemer til recieving, parsing and sending text messages (SMS), setup of robots for gathering data, development of admin and management websites

Technology, MSSQL


Project Manager


Information grouping platform based on machine learning, with contextual understanding. Aimed at providing more context on newsstories.

TV2, Saxobank and EuroInvestor Investment game

Project Manager, Developer


Stock and CFD investment game, built in corporation with TV2 (Danish TV Station) and Saxo Bank

Technology, MSSQL

EuroInvestor - Internal Project / Other

EuroInvestor Euroadmanager,


Complete advertisement-booking, controlling and invoicing system, with more than 100 million banners shown per month

Digital advertising system, including realtime statistics and invoicing information. In service for 5+ years, used as the only advertisement platform at EuroInvestor and

EuroInvestor - Original Platform

Developer, FR, SE, DE, NO, UK, NL, IT, ES


EuroInvestor original generic portal platform. Single platform used across a number of countries

EuroInvestor newsletter and retention system



Automaticly generated and sendout of newsletters. Sending out more then 100.000 emails pr. dag, with peaks of more than 50.000 uniquely generated mails pr. hour.

Realtime statistics for number of sendouts and openrates, along with some admin-tools and dashboards.

EuroInvestor community

Project Manager - Outsourced project


Attempt to create a broader online communicate, similar to facebook, but focussed around investment

Built upon existing generic community platform originating from a team in Egypt (Cairo).


Konge af internettet


Self-proclaimed King of the internet aka Konge af internettet, and owner of the company Anderki